School your kids wherever you are!

iALAQSA is a private online K-12 school. We are here to provide a learning environment that fosters creativity and self-learning, instills values, and develops talents through cutting-edge methods delivered by trained teachers and a well-designed curriculum.

More convenience

Allow students to learn from the comfort of their homes and eliminate the need to commute.

Effective curriculum

A high-level curriculum covering all the subjects and skills needed for students' academic success.

Qualified teachers

The expertise of our instructors creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for students.

Safe environment

Students are provided with a safe, secure, and encouraging learning environment.

Cost savings

Students pay less tuition and save money on other costs compared to a traditional school.

Global opportunities

Students connect with peers from all over the world which enhance their educational experience.

iALAQSA Online School provides a high-quality e-learning
environment with global standards that qualifies students
for success in their academic and professional lives.

Ready to enrol?

Please feel free to submit your application and reach us out or contact our admission unit by email:

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